About us

Cooper & Co was formed in 1997 and we are specialists in Civil and Criminal cases on Doglaw.

In 2023 we are celebrating 26 years since we first opened, so we like to think that we have a considerable ‘pedigree’!

Although based in Kent we act and advise in cases throughout England and Wales. Our website will provide you with a summary of the principle legal issues involved with the cases that we deal with most regularly. However, if you have a specific issue you must not regard this website as constituting advice and so please contact us by the most suitable method for one to one help.

Doglaw is a complicated area of law and we fully appreciate that if it’s your dog that’s in trouble that it’s never a case of “it’s only a dog”. We hope you will come to regard us as your friends at the end of the phone.

Specialists in Dog Law | Tel: 01304 755 557

Trevor Cooper

Solicitor Trevor Cooper, the Principal, is now in his 29th year of acting for dog owners. Trevor was awarded the Phyllis Mayer Argus Medal by Dogs Trust “in recognition of long and distinguished service on behalf of dogs”.

He was also awarded the Lesley Scott-Ordish Memorial Award by PRO – Dogs for having made “an outstanding contribution to the world of dogs”. Trevor has previously been a Principal Solicitor the Environment Agency prosecuting cases in the North East, the Doglaw Specialist for Dogs Trust and has been the Doglaw Consultant to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Trevor currently Chairs the Microchip Trade Association.

He is frequently in demand for media appearances and regularly gives seminars to professionals and dog clubs all over the country.

Richard Shawcross

Richard has been qualified as a Solicitor since 2014 and is our specialist in civil litigation.He is mainly home based and in addition to his law knowledge he is also a dog trainer!

Hedley Wethered

Hedley (or Fred as we call him) has been with Cooper & Co since the beginning in 1997 and he makes sure that our ledgers balance.

Jack Sullivan

Jack gained a 1st class honours law degree at the University of Kent in 2022 and is continuing his studies with BPP in London on their SQE Training for Law Graduates.In due course, Jack hopes to qualify as a Solicitor. He has been a voluntary advisor with the CAB and was the President of the Kent Law Temple Society.

Bruce Turner

Bruce joined us on a part time basis as a Solicitor Consultant in 2022.

He has brought with him a wealth of experience in civil litigation cases having been qualified since 1992.

Alannah Life

Theology graduate Alannah joined us at the end of 2022 after having been the Junior Common Room President at Trevelyan College, Durham.

She is a full time administrator and mainly works with Trevor on both criminal and civil cases. Alannah is embarking on a Law Conversion Course (Master’s) with BPP University Law School.

Kerry Butcher

Kerry joined us at the beginning of 2023 as an administrator and she mainly works with Richard + Bruce on the civil cases. 

She has worked at Solicitor practises in Kent for many years.

Pavitra Gadekar

Pavitra is a third year law student at the University of Kent at Canterbury and is currently doing work experience with us on various projects.