Community Protection Notice

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These can be served by the Council or the Police (and in due course by some social housing landlords) and the grounds are that there is conduct:-

(a) which is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life for those in the locality, and

(b) which is persistent or continuing, and

(c) which is unreasonable

The first step for an enforcer is to serve a written warning. If that doesn’t stop the nuisance then a CPN can be served specifying measures, which may include inter alia leashing, muzzling or training. If there is a breach the maximum Fixed Penalty Notice is £100 and if prosecuted the maximum fine is £2,500 for an individual (and the Court may order the forfeiture of the dog).

It may include incidents in both public and private places and could be used for:

  • dog on dog aggression
  • persistent straying
  • jumping up at the letterbox
  • accumulation of faeces in the garden
  • dog escaping into neighbouring garden / property

Please note that the above summary only relates to the law in England and Wales.

You must not rely on it as constituting legal advice and so for specific guidance on your particular doglaw issues please contact us – see our “How we can help” section for details.