Puppy Sales Contracts

Are contracts worth the paper they’re written on? Yes! At Cooper & Co we want to help breeders have the best bespoke puppy sales contracts that they can, written in plain English, so it is clear to all parties what is expected of them.

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A responsible breeder should provide every buyer with a contract.  Most buyers are trustworthy and will comply with everything, but sometimes things go wrong in which case the breeder needs the back-up that a well-worded contract can aim to provide.  

Let’s work together to aim to protect the puppy that you’ve bred by creating your own bespoke puppy sales contract.  Call us on 01304 755 557 or email us on  trevor@doglaw.co.uk and we can start the process. 
Prices start from only £300 + VAT.
What is a contract?
A contract is an agreement made between the breeder (seller) and the purchaser (buyer). It confirms who the parties are, what is being sold, how much is being paid for it and what the terms + conditions are.
Can Cooper & Co draft a standard watertight contract?
We wish there was such a thing!  We can work with you to create the best bespoke contract for you based on your particular instructions and let you know whether any clauses are likely to be unenforceable.  Even if a clause is likely to be regarded as unreasonable, you can still include it as most buyers will comply anyway and ultimately, it will be a matter for a Court to decide whether any particular clause will be upheld.
Call us on 01304 755 557 or email us on trevor@doglaw.co.uk to start off the process.  Prices start from only £300 + VAT.  
As back-up protection, for six months after we have created your bespoke contract Cooper & Co will provide you with (a) free telephone advice on any civil claim arising from breach of that contract (whether because the buyer is threatening to sue you or if you want to sue the buyer), and (b) 25% reduction in our profit costs from bringing or defending such a civil claim.
How is a contract enforced?
It would be a civil claim for (a) specific performance and/or (b) damages.
Does the law impose additional terms even if they're not in the contract itself?
If you sold the dog in course of a trade or business the dog must be (a) of satisfactory quality (b) fit for the purpose for which it was sold, and (c) as described. 
You may also be bound by representations that you have made verbally or in writing.
Are endorsements binding
The Kennel Club has announced that a new mandatory form must be used if you want to place endorsements and this will be a requirement from the beginning of 2023.
Can't a puppy contract be downloaded free from the internet?
Yes it can and there are various drafts available for you to look at online.  However, from our experience, breeders want more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach and that is why we prefer to offer a bespoke drafting service that is specific to the individual breeder’s needs.

Call us on 01304 755 557 or email us on trevor@doglaw.co.uk to start off the process. 

Prices start from only £300 + VAT.