Sunday | December 11 | 2016

Doglaw – Specialists in dog law

Are you a dog owner or a professional involved in dogs? Do you need legal help from experts in this complicated and niche area of law? At Cooper & Co, we specialise in advising dog owners in both criminal and civil cases and cover the whole of England & Wales. The principal of Cooper & Co, well known Solicitor Trevor Cooper, represented his first dog owning client 23 years ago – so we like to think we have a considerable ‘pedigree’!!!

[Photo of Trevor]
Trevor Cooper

[Photo of Nik]
Nik Starmer-Smith

Are you being prosecuted for having a dangerous dog?

This can apply if your dog is accused of injuring a person or assistance dog, or even if it has made a person reasonably believe that the dog would do so. Don’t delay — contact us now. For help with defending cases under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 there are two ways to get in touch with us:-

  • Phone us on 01227 811988. If your call can’t be answered immediately please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.
  • Alternatively email us the details and we will phone you.

We will provide you with preliminary legal advice. This is a FREE service. You can decide if you would like to instruct us to represent you in the proceedings. We do not offer Legal Aid but can sometimes agree a fixed fee.

We’re happy to provide advice on this basis if you are facing proceedings under Section 1 of Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 or under section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871.  (For breed specific legislation – see below)

For all other dog related legal queries

The kind of cases that we can advise on include:-

  • Ownership / access disputes
  • Disputes between breeders and buyers
  • Disputes between rescues and owners / former owners
  • Defending personal injury claims
  • Damages claims (dog on dog, dog on other animal, or dog damaging property)
  • Claims against vets

There are a couple of ways where we can provide telephone advice:-

  1. We offer a telephone advice service on 0906 515 1108. The advice is provided by Trevor Cooper (Solicitor) or Nik Starmer-Smith (Caseworker). This is a premium rate line and calls costs £1.55 per minute plus your telephone access charge. The line is generally available during normal office hours Monday to Friday. Click here for terms and conditions.
  2. Doglaw Ltd provides a scheme for their members called ‘Doglaw SOS’ where for payment of £60 you can obtain unlimited telephone advice on these Doglaw issues from us. You also get other valuable benefits including (a) discount on DVDs and seminars (b) telephone advice on dog behaviour and (c) representation in a criminal Court if you’re prosecuted under Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or Section 1 Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953.

Doglaw SOS

Full details of this membership scheme, including terms and conditions are available in their website or call 01227 469603 or freephone 0800 999 3647.

NB Doglaw Ltd is a separate business from Cooper & Co and is neither regulated nor authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Is your dog accused of being a Pit Bull Terrier type?

There are details on this website in the FAQ section which sets out the basis of these cases under Section 1 or 4B of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. If you would like to instruct us to represent you in the proceedings please phone us on 01227 811988.